3 Legged Stool

There can be no progress without communication.

The 3 Legged Stool process is built on the three foundations of balanced marketing and successful business practice: Context. Content. Conversation.

3 Legged Stool is a Brand strategy workshop company that challenges your organization’s leaders to take a journey with us – a journey that will ultimately reveal your core Brand promise. Our customized workshops stimulate creative thinking, open and honest dialogue, unique solutions and a renewed passion for your strategic direction.

3 Legged Stool is not an agency.

It is a consultancy and workshop process that helps companies (small or large) identify and fully integrate their mission with the demands of the marketplace and all touch points within that organization that contribute to – or undermine – those touch points.

How did 3 Legged Stool come about?

During our 30 years in this field, clients consistently wanted to start their marketing journey at the end – by telling their story to the world in a brochure, an ad or a press release. Digging deeper, we often found that they weren’t really ready to tell their story. They couldn’t always articulate their Brand promise, and in many cases, they weren’t living their Brand internally.

We wanted to break that cycle in a positive, proactive way.

Our engaging and enlightening process takes our clients back to the beginning to ensure that every marketing dollar they ultimately spend is strategic and that every tactic yields measurable results.

What are the 3 legs?

The 3-Legged Stool Approach to marketing is a balance of three fundamental elements. Visibility is one. But it is the last.

Context: Position Strategy

When you know the market. You will know how to reach it.

Discover and refine the client’s unique core market position, given the context in which that client operates and the essential story that differentiates them from competitors and challengers.

Workshop Facilitation:

• Brand Mapping

• Owning Your Place

• Brand Positioning

• Rediscovering Your Company’s Soul

Content: Reputation Management

It’s not just about having a good story to tell. It’s about being a good story.

Evaluate those aspects of the client’s business that support the client’s established position in terms of service, quality control and delivery on the promise.

Workshop Facilitation:

• The Hunt for Buried Treasure

• Creating an Ownership Culture

• Leakage, Seepage, and Assorted Company Waste

• Prove It! How A Culture Keeps Its Promises

Conversation: Visibility / Marketing

It’s not what you spend that is costly. It’s what you waste.

Identify those messages, visual cues and media opportunities that effectively move, touch and inspire the client’s ideal target prospects such that they become valued and profitable customers of their organization.

Workshop Facilitation:

• Brand Strategy: How To Tell Your Story To Those Who Want To Hear It

• Brand Stewardship: Keepers of The Flame

• Brand Congruity Audit

Why you need 3 Legged Stool

The 3 Legged Stool process is built on the three foundations of balanced marketing and successful business practice:

Context. Content. Conversation.

How would you and the senior leaders of your company answer the following questions?

• Is your organization’s Brand promise known and understood by all audiences?

• Does your organization integrate its core story and values throughout all departments?

• Is your marketing program aligned with your organization’s strategic vision?

• Is there a defined Brand strategy for your organization?

These questions get at the heart of the purpose of the 3 Legged Stool process. We help companies clarify their core Brand promise, and we then take an in-depth look at where that promise is supported – or sabotaged – internally.

Identify the Brand promise. Ensure that it is fully understood and fulfilled at every level. Then – and only then – tell your story externally.