Home for the Holidays – Alone

Every year millions of women spend the holidays alone, nursing old wounds, mourning lost loves, and lamenting how each New Year’s Eve they have to watch TV as the ball in Times Square drops down on yet another year.

I’ve been there. Maybe you still are. OK, take a time-out for a little self-pity and then get to work turning “home alone” into “home improvement” and an opportunity to meet someone special.

For starters, clean out your closet. (Yes, you read it right).

Aside from getting rid of the things that just don’t work for you anymore, maybe it’s time to find some space in your closet – and your life – for someone else’s shoes, toothbrush, or books on the table. Get rid of clutter and stuff you never use.

And what does this have to do with meeting someone new? Everything.

When you psychologically prepare to make room in your closet for someone else’s things, you’re also making room in your heart for someone else’s love. Shedding things that don’t fit anymore gives you the chance to think about what does. Who are you now? Who could you be if you weren’t stuck hanging on to the past? Use your “alone time” to reflect on what you will do differently to let love in.

This holiday, as you fill up bags with your past, resolve to look to your future, with someone, instead.