Too Good or Not Good Enough?

Like many women, when we get together someone is talking about men. Either their too good to be true, or not good enough. Or plentiful enough. Or tall enough… the list goes on. Why are women so fond of belittling themselves, in the belief that “never the twain shall meet?”

My guess is that it’s due to either an over-inflated sense of expectation “Someday my prince will come” or an under-developed sense of self “All the good ones want younger women.”

I see so many great women, and men, who have found a realistic way to “couple up,” without blinders. In fact, they see each other exactly for who they are, and like what they see. A realistic woman isn’t deluded by fantasies royalty, but her prince charming is usually a regular guy who just happens to be a prince of a fellow to her. And treats her like a queen.

In looking for love, it’s important to remember that a woman who makes a man feel ten feet tall will always trump a woman who cuts him down to size. There’s a reason why the romance genre in fiction is so popular. It keeps a lot of women home alone, lost in dreams that can never come true. Why not put down the books, take off the rose colored glasses, and see the gems that are actually out there. They may be a little rough around the edges and show some of the tarnish of time, but hey, maybe you do too. Remember that old adage that “all that glitters isn’t gold”? Think about it.