Flirting After Fifty

How to Flirt after 50 without Looking Foolish

Flirting After Fifty | Barbara BellmanOkay, so you never thought you’d be single and over the age of 50… maybe you think it’s too late to find love… can you start over? Should you even try? After all, we aren’t exactly young anymore, right? And why is it that some women always seem to have men in their lives while others struggle just to get a date? Could someone really love you in your older incarnation? The answer is a resounding YES!

Whether you suddenly find yourself single again, or you’ve just never met “the one,” author Barbara Bellman recognizes that women over 50 need new rules and new tools to regain their confidence and learn how to date again. She provides women with insight and advice on how they can improve their chances of finding love through the lost art of flirtation. She will explore…

• Why what worked in our 20s, 30s, & 40s looks ridiculous in our 50s & 60s.
• Why we put up roadblocks that prevent us from finding the love we seek.
• Why it’s not about showing cleavage and playing coy.
• The myth that men only want younger, thinner, prettier women.
• The magic that turns a casual encounter into a promising beginning.

CREDENTIALS: Barbara Bellman is an expert in the field of communication and marketing and has written two books on marketing to women. She co-wrote FLIRTING AFTER FIFTY with family-law attorney Susan Goldstein.

Praise For “Flirting After Fifty”

“I read through your book on my way to Portland. Simply said, I think it’s terrific. When I worked as a therapist and executive coach, people were often desperate for actual, effective things they could do or even say to approach their challenges. With a good sense of humor and just the right amount of pluck, that’s exactly what you have done in this book. Congratulations! I’m sure this is going to be a welcome gift to many women.”

~ Marjorie Shaevitz, author of The Superwoman Syndrome and The Confident Woman

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