It’s a Dry Heat

Full-Length Family Drama
Is it ever too late to forgive? Upon the death of their mother, two estranged sisters attend to the funeral arrangements and come face to face with the myriad “little deaths” that consumed their family.
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Psychic Hotline

1-Minute Play
Setting: an office with cubicles, equipped with a phone bank and a “psychic” in each. The phones ring and the psychics pick up on the first ring. The pace is fast.
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Roll Over, Play Dead

A Short Drama
Door opens on a darkened room. John enters his apartment. He sees Jill sitting in a chair. He pauses – is cautious. His hand still grips the keys int he lock. Jill sits calmly, her hands in her lap. She is holding a gun and her hands are bloody.
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The Wallet

1-Minute Play Festival
An older married couple (first generation immigrants in their 60s or 70s) argue as they walk along a busy urban street. They speak with accents (preferably Yiddish).
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Too Late

1-Minute Play
Setting: Jane sits in her mother’s living room. Her brother Dick calls from a pay phone in a bar. She is tired and angry, and Dick is drunk. She looks at the Caller ID when the PHONE RINGS.
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F U Money

10-Minute Play
Setting: The conference room of a Silicon Valley venture capitalist. JACKSON – the VC – is conducting an interview with ALEXANDER, an entrepreneur of a new start-up, a website called, designed to help men addicted to internet porn.
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Druckman Assignment
What is the most important question my character is trying to answer?
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The Wine Cellar

20-Minute Dark Comedy
Betrayal goes down easier with a good bordeaux. Just because a marriage is ends shouldn’t mean the end of a fine wine collection – or should it?
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Flirting After Fifty

One-Act Comedy
Looking at love through rose-colored bi-focals. Not only does one have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the magic prince – after a certain age, one has to accept love, warts and all.
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Words Fails Me

20-Minute Drama
Be careful what you ask for . . . Writer finally gets her long-awaited retreat and a chance to find her voice, but family, and fate conspire against her.
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Junkyard Blues

One-Act Young Audience Adaptation from Seedfolks
From the rubble of an inner city, a garden blooms, strangers turn into neighbors, and neighbors turn into friends when a young girl sets out to discover where she belongs.

Need Change?

10-Minute Drama
Does a family gift ever come with no strings attached? Two adult siblings argue over an antique family heirloom, a cash register but the dispute shows what the gift cost them.

Those People

20-Minute Drama
Sometimes the bigotry of others blinds us to our own.