Marketing To Women

Reaching Women: The Way to Go in Marketing Healthcare Services

Reaching Women: The Way to Go in Marketing Healthcare ServicesReaching Women is the condensed version of years of experience in reaching and motivating key audiences through marketing and advertising. Readers will learn why the womens market has become a potentially lucrative business opportunity for the health industry. Using examples of actual advertising messages targeting this segment, the book explores the primary concerns, qualities and issues that influence the female consumer relative to certain kinds of products and services, specifically in the healthcare field. Since women are a diverse group of interests, attitudes, values and lifestyles, understanding the nuances of marketing to women will help identify techniques and motivators that will affect the buying behavior of this unique segment. Reaching Women explores whether men can be effective in crafting messages targeted to women; how internal marketing programs can be valuable in establishing relationships with women; the value of research for different age-related groups and more. Reaching Women should be in every marketers library and should serve as the basis for any program or service that wants and needs to reach the primary buyer and influencer of health care – the woman as wife, mother, or caregiver.

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Hitting the Right Nerve

Hitting the Right NerveCreate Smarter Marketing To Women. Sharpen your marketing skills to reach your most influential healthcare buyer. Increase your effectiveness and your understanding of the complex women’s market. Learn what motivates women today. Segment key buying sector. Understand the effects of managed care and the Internet on women. Develop a solid rationale for branding and marketing consistently. “No one knows more about marketing health care to women than Barbara Bellman. In Hitting the Right Nerve, you get the best of what she has to offer: her unique perspective from working in the industry; her one-of-a-kind savvy about women and their needs, wants and desires; her razor-sharp mind that always comes up with wonderful, new ideas and solutions; and her unusual creativity which is always 24/7 on-call, What more could one ask for?” -Marjorie Shaevitz, author of The Superwoman Syndrome, and The Confident Woman. Drawing from a successful career in health and medical advertising, Barbara Bellman delivers candid, insightful penetrating perspectives on how healthcare marketers can develop a productive relationship with them. Hitting the Right Nerve helps you learn from proven strategies to give you the competitive advantage you need to market to women today.

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Case Studies in Niche Marketing: Real-World Ways to Reach Key Customer Groups

Case Studies in Niche Marketing: Real-World Ways to Reach Key Customer GroupsDistinguish yourself as the provider of choice among your target audience. Though the need for healthcare might be universal, the population your facility serves is not. A one-size-fits-all approach to marketing won’t work. You need to be focused in your efforts, know your target demographic, send a clear message, and distinguish yourself as the provider of choice among your target audiences. Each chapter of Case Studies in Niche Marketing: Real-World Ways to Reach Key Customer Groups is written by an expert in each of these important niche markets and covers:

• The rationale for targeting the niche

• A description of the niche’s buying patterns

• Details on the marketing medium most effective for each niche

• Descriptions of what marketing messages work best for each niche

• Case studies and examples of successful niche marketing efforts

• Market research and studies

Barbara Bellman wrote the first chapter of this book entitled “Marketing to women”… Women are sometimes referred to as the “CEO of the family.” They are the caretakers, the communicators, the decision-makers. What does that mean to marketers? It means that if you want to be the healthcare provider of choice for almost any market segment, you have to go through them. Want to reach their boyfriends, husbands, fiancés, children, boomer-age and elderly parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, yoga classmates, gym buddies, and the woman they met in line at the grocery store this morning? Then you better know how to talk to them.